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Welcome TFFR Members! This site will get you familiar with the benefits available to you and your beneficiary(ies) whether it be retirement, disability or death benefits. Please review the Member Handbook to get you better acquainted with the features of your retirement plan. Also, check out Fast Facts for a summary of benefits including tiers, grandfathering status, contribution rates and other retirement information.

TFFR Membership

If you are employed by a public school or state institution for teaching, supervisory, administrative or extracurricular services and have a teaching license, you are required to participate in the TFFR plan. This section covers:

Tier and Grandfathering Status

Dual Membership

Salary, Contributions and Interest

Beneficiary(ies) and Marriage Dissolution

Service Credit and Vesting

Purchase of Service

Active TFFR members who meet certain conditions are eligible to purchase service credit to use toward retirement eligibility and benefits. If you are interested in purchasing service credit, contact TFFR for a cost estimate and a projection of retirement benefits with and without purchasing service credit. Please read the Purchasing Service Credit brochure to see the types of service credit that may be purchased and the eligibility requirements. 

Service credit is not eligible for purchase if the years claimed also qualify for retirement benefits from another retirement system (except Military service). Out-of-state, non-public and government agencies must verify years requested and eligibility for retirement benefits. Please use the Verification of Teaching Service Credit form to verify years.

Withdrawal of Account

A member who terminates covered employment is eligible for a refund (lump-sum distribution) of the account value. Please read the Refund/Lump Sum Distribution information sheet for waiting periods, tax and membership tier considerations and how to apply for a refund. Please also read the Special Tax Notice required by the IRS to be given to a member prior to refunding the account.

Retirement Benefits

This is what you have all been working so hard for! Your TFFR retirement account provides you with a monthly retirement payment for life or a refund of your account value (see the Withdrawal of Account section above).

Refer to the Fast Facts found above to review the eligibility requirements to begin drawing a monthly retirement benefit. Please also read the important Retirement Guide to see how benefits are calculated, how to apply for retirement benefits, the benefit payment options and employment after retirement. If you wish to begin retirement benefits, please submit the required Retirement Application and applicable documents to the TFFR office. The member handbook has additional retirement information. 

Retirement Benefit Formula

Final average salary (FAS) x  2.0% x service = monthly Single Life Annuity

  • Tier 1 members FAS - high 3 fiscal year salaries / 36
  • Tier 2 members FAS - high 5 fiscal year salaries / 60
Disability Retirement Benefits

If you become disabled, you may be entitled to monthly disability retirement benefits. Please read the Disability Retirement Benefits information sheet for eligibility requirements, how the benefits are calculated and how to apply for disability benefits.

Member Deaths and Survivor Benefits

Should you die before retiring, your beneficiary will have the following options concerning your TFFR account: 

  • Non-vested members - Refund of account value
  • Vested members - Refund of account value; or Monthly annuity for life (only if one beneficiary is named)

Should you die after retirement, benefits are paid based on the plan selected at retirement. Please see the member handbook for more information.

Reporting A Death

If a member dies, TFFR should be notified promptly at 1-800-952-2970. In all cases, a copy of the member's death certificate is required. If other forms are necessary, they will be provided to the designated beneficiary.

Employment after Retirement

After you retire, you may return to TFFR covered employment under certain employment limitations. Please read the Working After Retirement brochure for details. Each year you teach after retirement, you and your employer need to complete and submit a TFFR Retired Member Employment Notification to the TFFR office.

Member Services / Retirement Education

The TFFR staff offers many services in an effort to keep you informed about your retirement program. We offer Retirement Education Workshops in the summer and Group Benefits Counseling sessions in the fall. Retirement 101 and Teachers in Transition (for those schools that are closing) presentations can be offered as requested. Please view Upcoming Events for scheduled programs.

Each year, we provide you an annual statement of your account. Your annual statement can be found on your member online account. Please review this statement to ensure accuracy and notify TFFR of any discrepancies.  

Retirement 101 Presentation - January 2020

NDRTA Convention Presentation (9/2019)

NDASA Midwinter Conference Presentation (1/2019)


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Important Office Information Regarding COVID-19

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ATTENTION: Visiting Our Office

Due to public health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and Governor Burgum’s executive order, the ND Retirement and Investment Office (RIO) is closed to public visitors until further notice.

Teachers’ Fund for Retirement (TFFR) and State Investment Board (SIB) client services remain fully functional, but will primarily be delivered by electronic means. Our staff is transitioning to working remotely to avoid disruptions for TFFR members and SIB clients. We will continue to administer critical retirement and investment program operations, claims processing, and retiree payroll functions.

Please contact us by phone (1.800.952.2970 or 701.328.9885) or email us at rio@nd.gov. Thank you for your patience and support. Stay safe!

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