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We are seeking a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) with a high level of ethics and commitment to transparency. ND RIO, is an agency of the State of North Dakota and was assembled to capture administrative and investment savings in the management of two state programs: the retirement program of the Teachers’ Fund for Retirement (TFFR) and the investment program of the State of Investment Board (SIB).

SIB is the oversight board for NDRIO, the TFFR Board is responsible for the administration of the TFFR benefits program.  ND RIO has traditionally been led by a CIO/Executive Director.  As the investment program has grown dramatically, the SIB made the decision to bifurcate the Chief Investment Officer role from the Executive Director responsibilities.  

The CIO will report to the Executive Director and is responsible for administering the investment program of SIB.

Responsibilities and Preferred Qualifications please view the Position Specifications.

ND RIO has retained EFL Associates for this important search. To apply please send your resume to Lauren McElderry, of EFL Associates, at lmcelderry@eflassociates.com.

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